Citation Driven Information for Professionals

We provide web applications to enable professionals to get the information they need quickly with trusted citations that link directly to source material. We currently offer web applications for both FAA Part 107 exam preparation and United States Naval Primary Flight Training FTI (Flight Training Instruction) study assistance.

Explore Our Tools for Aviation Professionals

FAA Part 107 License Artificially Intelligent Study Partner

FAA Part 107 sUAS

Study assistant for the FAA small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Part 107 license. The assistant offers citations from sources like the Remote Pilot study guide as well as relevant Federal Regulations and Advisory Circulars.

Navy Joint Primary Pilot Training Study Partner

Flight Net

An assistant that can help answer aviation related questions for Navy Joint Primary Pilot Training (JPPT) while providing citations from both Flight Training Instructions (FTIs) and FAR/AIM.